Tommy Cowett’s On the Lawn setting up a turfgrass soil amendment study. During fall seeding, our team uses a lot of soil amendments to improve the dense heavy clay soils in our area. These tests will help us to identify which products perform the best for the Piedmont area of NC.

Test Plot ChartIn preparation, we’ve marked off our plots at 10ft x 10ft each and weighed all of the product according to label rates for testing. They are as follows –

Holganix Healthy Grow
Mirimichi Seeding Enhancer
AMP Calcitic Limestone
McGill Compost
24-10-5 Starter Fertilizer
Turface Calcined Clay
plus, our Control

Our plots are laid out randomly with three plots per product including our control group. Every plot will be treated identically – all plots will be aerovated, product applied and planted with our preferred Barenbrug Water Saver Pro grass seed.

Once the plots are established, we’ll beginning our collection of research information. Our clients want a beautiful lawn to enjoy so, our visual measurements will include color, quality, cover and density. As soil scientists, we will be taking hard measurements that include root depth.

We’ll continue these evaluations every month for the next couple of years. Making observations and collecting data through the cold of winter and the peak heat of summer to identify the products that will perform the best in our area.

If you have any questions about our turfgrass research efforts or services – you can contact us at 336-854-7999.

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