Commercial Lawn Care

GrowinGreen Commercial Services

The science of biocomplete plant care

Our biologically-enhanced plant health care packages are designed to increase the health of your landscape by focusing on the health of the soil. Since everything begins in the soil, we begin there too…

With over 20 years of experience, the GROWINGREEN team has developed a proprietary blend of soil organics and soil biology that supercharges soil that results in:

  • Less synthetics on your property
  • Increased plant health results in bigger and fuller blooms and vibrant colors
  • Healthy plants that are naturally less prone to stress
  • Increased organic matter – water your landscape less

Don’t overlook your plants,
they need love too

A beautiful landscape is the perfect complement to our lawn care program and will absolutely increase your property’s curb appeal. Our program includes balanced nutrition to increase bloom cycle, plant vigor, and intensify vivid colors as well as control landscape pests and diseases. Our packages include:

  • Landscape insect control
  • Increased bloom size, vivid colors and longer blooms
  • Complete plant health care

We proudly serve the Triad, Lake Norman and Fort Mill/Rock Hill areas!

We’re a locally-owned small business that’s committed to providing the best lawn care services to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Our certifications and credentials are among the best in the country. We serve the Piedmont Triad and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina and the Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas of South Carolina. Our biologically-enhanced lawn & plant care programs focus on building healthy soil and a more sustaining environment.

Are you ready to LOVE YOUR LAWN?

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