Commercial Lawn Care

GrowinGreen Commercial Services

Commercial Lawn Care

GROWINGREEN offers a variety of services to commercial sites – academic, industrial, and aquatic sites. We also work with many landscape partners to provide their customers with the best turf management available. We have the ability to handle any size job and offer an array of services to meet your specific needs. Contact us to set up a free evaluation and to discuss your needs.

Commercial Lawn Care:

  • Lawn Care Services
  • Plant Health Care Services
  • Fall Seeding and Aerovation Services
  • Aquatic Weed Control
  • Pasture Management
  • Geese Control
  • Vegetation Management

Aquatic Management

This service helps to keep your pond clear and beautiful by getting rid of disgusting algae and unsightly weed vegetation.

Bermuda Kill-Off

Our kill-off program will help to eradicate areas of grass from fescue lawns. This is normally done mid-summer to prepare for fall overseeding.

Deep Root & Large Tree Injections

These treatments keep your large trees in great health and free of unnecessary insect damage.

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ants are becoming more a problem in our area, our program provides up to a full year of control against these pests.

Goose Control

This program is designed to make the treated area undesirable to geese through taste and visual stimulation.

Growth Regulators

Our growth regulator will help to promote root growth while reducing the amount of clipping from mowing. This product can be added to any of our treatments.


GrowinGreen will provide a soil test to determine pH to see if lime is needed.

Vegetation Control

This application is designed to clean up overgrown areas in wood lines along fences, kudzu areas, and in beds.

Love Your Lawn - GrowinGreen

GrowinGreen's service relies on a partnership between us, our customer and Mother Nature. GrowinGreen's treatment is guarateed for our full-season clients - if you are not 100% satisfied, please call us within 30 days and we will re-treat your property at NO additional charge. Your lawn is our business and your happiness is always our first priority.

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