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Natural rainfall is the best thing that can happen to your lawn after an application. A light or steady rain will actually benefit the treatment by helping to activate the products. In keeping with our mission to protect our environment, we will try to avoid treating your lawn before a heavy rainfall. However, if at any time you feel rain may have affected your treatment, and you’re not seeing the results you expect after 2 weeks, call us and we will be glad to revisit your lawn at no charge.


Our programs are designed to rely on mother nature for water. Watering through irrigation is
considered a supplement and, if done correctly, will enhance the performance of our program. Although, in times of drought it may be better to allow your lawn to go dormant to protect ifself. Your field manager will work with you to help develop a personalized watering plan for your property.


Here are some proper mowing tips:
– Mow frequently
– Keep your blade sharp
– Mow as high as you can (3 ½ to 4 inches for cool season grasses like Tall Fescue or Bluegrass)
– Remove no more than one-fourth to one-third of the plant each mowing
– Do not mow your lawn during a drought period when the lawn is under stress
– Do not mow your lawn for at least one day after an application and leave the clippings down for two mowings


Tall Fescue lawns do not generally have thatch issues. A common misconception is that thatch is caused by not bagging your lawn’s clippings. True thatch in (Zoysia/Bermuda) lawns is a tight layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots of grasses located between the soil surface and the growing vegetation. When the thatch layer reaches a depth of ½ inch, it should be removed. Do not try to remove it all at one time. When using a dethatcher, begin with a light setting and run it over the lawn in two or three different directions each time, lowering the setting until the desired amount of thatch is removed. Make sure the lawn is mowed close before starting the dethatching process and watered thoroughly afterwards to promote a quick recovery.



Our trained and certified Field Manager surveys your lawn’s condition during each application. We will point out any problems in your lawn that require attention and recommend the best solution. However, you see your property everyday and we rely on you to call if you notice a problem between our visits so we may address the concern immediately.


We stand behind our service and our products and each GrowinGreen treatment is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, please call us within 30 days of the treatment and we will re-treat your property at NO extra charge!


For your convenience, service automatically renews from year to year. Please remember that any change in your service must be done in writing and must be received before the treatment is completed to prevent charging of that application. GrowinGreen does not require a contract and you may cancel at any time.

Payment Options

We are pleased to continue our Premier Value Program. This bundling option was designed to help make additional programs more affordable.
Save 5% when you bundle 2 Full Programs
Save 7% when you bundle 3 Full Programs
Save 10% when you bundle 4 or more Full Programs!

If you PRE-PAY before February 28th each year, or within 30 days of your sign-up date, you will receive a 7% discount off all of your programs. If you are bundling your services with the Premier Value Program, this 7% pre-pay discount will be applied in addition to the above mentioned savings!

This option combines the total yearly cost for all of your scheduled services and then divides that amount into 12 equal payments. Installment invoices are generated and mailed on the 1st of each month.

Please note: if a cancellation is requested for services and you are signed up for an installment plan, the account will be reconciled to be sure that enough money has been paid to cover the completed treatments done on the property. Final bills will be sent for accounts still owing for completed services and refund checks will be sent to customers that have over-paid the account at the time of cancellation.

If you do not choose to pre-pay or create an installment plan, we will leave you an invoice at the time your service is completed. These invoices contain valuable information regarding your lawn and landscape treatments and the remit balance can be found in the lower-right corner.
Payment must be rendered within 30 days to avoid interest charges.

You can safely and conveniently make your payments online.
You may pay by submitting a check or by credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa).
Or you can sign up for auto-payments – Auto-pay is a website option that will automatically charge your credit card when the invoice has been posted to your account.
**Please note that you must select each program that you would like to have auto-paid.**