thouse3It is that time of year to start thinking about your lawn care program. I realize that it is only February but the sooner you get started, the better the overall outcome will be. At GrowinGreen, we offer a seven application program throughout the year for both warm season and cool season grass. Today, I would like to discuss what the cool season applications include so that you may have a better understanding as to what to expect throughout the year.

When you first sign up for our program, we will test your soil. This test includes taking several soil samples throughout your lawn. We then send these samples to an independent lab to be analyzed. We then receive a report back from the lab that tells us what nutrients your soil is lacking. This test allows us to customize you program based on your individual lawn’s needs.

Our first application includes a pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control and our biologically enhanced fertilizer. A pre-emergent will help prevent crabgrass from emerging later in the season while broadleaf weed control helps to kill other unsightly weeds. At this point, mowing is recommended to help our biologically enhanced fertilizers. This fertilizer will help you acquire a greener, healthier lawn.

Our second application includes a pre-emergent that helps maintain protection from crabgrass until the fall seeding. Another round of fertilizer and broad leaf weed control are applied at this point as well. This will help the turf reach that deep green, weed-free status that you desire.

During our third application, we apply a bio-stimulant fertilizer that will provide constant nutrients to help the turf deal with the stress it receives during the summer months. Your lawn will receive a final pre-emergent application as well as a post-emergent. A post-emergent will help control weeds that have already emerged.

During our fourth application, we customize your treatment based on the results of your soil test. Based on the needs of your lawn, we can apply lime, phosphorus as well as other nutrients to address your lawns deficiencies. This helps your lawn to be greener and healthier throughout the year.

Our fifth application is during the fall and would be applied around the time of your fall seeding. (Please note that your fall seeding is quoted separately and is not included in our seven treatment program.) This treatment includes our biologically enhanced starter fertilizer which is high in phosphorus. This fertilizer will assist the newly emerged seedlings with germination and provide the nutrients your lawn needs to mature.

Our sixth application includes another biologically enhanced fertilizer. This fertilizer focuses on helping your turf mature and develop a strong, deep root system. This is important because deeper roots will help your lawn to survive the cold, winter months.

During the seventh, and final, application of the season, we apply a winterizing fertilizer. This application helps to promote and maintain a healthy, deep root system to prevent winter stress. This also helps your lawn to green up faster in the spring.

As you can see, our seven application program works together. To achieve the healthiest, greenest lawn possible, it is important to get started as soon as possible so that your lawn can be as weed-free and healthy as possible!

We understand that having a yearly service may sound expensive but it can actually be quite affordable. To help you achieve the desired results for your lawn, we have three billing options. You may pay for each round when the treatment is applied. Every round is the same price based on your initial quote. You may also sign up for our monthly installment plan. This plan allows you to make monthly installments from the time you sign up for our program through the end of the current calendar year. We also offer a 7% discount for anybody that decides to prepay for their yearly service. This offer has been extended through February 28th.

To make payments easier we offer our online portal. This allows you to manage your account online and apply payments using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Of course, you can always send a check to our office and we will apply your payment for you.

We are available to answer your questions and service calls are always free! Our treatments are very safe and I have the service applied to my own lawn knowing that it is safe for my family and my pets. If you would like, our service technician will call you prior to your treatments and our goal is for you to always have the same technician servicing your lawn.

If you have any questions or you would like to inquire about our service, please give us a call at 336-854-7999 or 866-LAWNHELP. You may also visit us at As always, it is our mission for you to love your lawn!