The Piedmont School athletic field renovation project took place in High Point, NC.  This is a small school that specializes in children who learn differently due to a learning disability. Their students range from first grade through high school and they all share the same soccer/multipurpose field for both physical education and their athletic program.

GrowinGreen believes every child should have a safe field to play on. Due to the excessive traffic, this field had worn down and become unsafe. We approached the school to see how we could help. With the school’s backing, we began the process to create their field of dreams. We were limited to the two months between the end of school and beginning of the next school year.

  • Piedmont-School-Athletic-Field-Renovation-Worn-Field

We began by defining the area to be renovated and removing the weeds. As you can see, the area in the middle was worn out so we opted to use a highly engineered black compost to not only amend the soil but to repair the levelness of the field.

  • Piedmont-School-Athletic-Field-Renovation-Aerovator

As you see, we used an aerovator to break-up the existing soil prior to adding the compost. This is important to blend the soil with the compost so as not to create a layering affect. We opted to use a blend of seeded Bermuda grasses to re-establish the field which was applied to the top of the loose soil.  We applied a starter fertilizer and starter watering to keep the seed wet.

We were able to create a safe level playing surface in just under two-months. We will continue to work with The Piedmont School to maintain their field.

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