Tommy Cowett’s On the Lawn updating us on the Turfgrass Soil Amendment Study. For this study, we laid out randomly three 10ft x 10ft  plots per product including our control group. Every plot is being treated identically – all plots were aerovated, product applied and planted with our preferred Barenbrug Water Saver Pro grass seed.

The first stage of data is ready to share for the seedling emergence. These seedlings were seeded on October 30th and we began taking assessments 10-days after planting (DAP). See the chart to review the results.


As you can see, the McGill Compost really helped to get these plants off to a good start. The next best performer was the Holganix Healthy Grow and the Mirimichi. Then, over time they level out. Other assessments being measured include Quality, Color, Density, and Overall Coverage.

At this time, we have almost 100% coverage in all of the plots. Our next steps include maintenance fertilization for all of these plots.

Today, McGill Compost is the winner for quicker seedling emergence. It probably held more moisture.

The objective is to improve the soil here by amending it with various materials. These tests will help us to identify which products perform the best for the Piedmont area of NC. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of this study as we move forward into winter and spring – when we’ll really see if these soil amendments are helping.

If you have any questions about this study or our services – please do not hesitate to contact us at 336-854-7999.

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