This week GrowinGreen is out the door!

People ask us – what happens in the winter? Well, what winter? It seems like we just broke for Christmas and now we’re in full swing again. The field managers have spent the last week calling customers, going over accounts, cleaning their trucks, and our team has been training for the new year.
Even though the lawns look dormant on top, the roots are taking advantage of these warm days to search for food and battle the stress from the recent frosts and cold weather.

We are already starting to apply the pre-emergent for crabgrass. This is a product that stops the crabgrass seed from germinating and taking over your lawn in the summer. While a lot of people get this mixed up with Bermuda grass or Wiregrass. The best way to tell the difference is –

• Crabgrass is an annual which means it lives one season and dies in the fall.
• Bermuda grass grows in your beds, walkways and so forth. A very frustrating grass.
We are also applying the GrowinGreen biological nutrient package which contains living organisms that replace what your soil has lost over the years. By taking a soil first approach, GrowinGreen is creating a natural environment where your lawn can thrive.

Unlike some of our national competitors who are forced to throw large amounts of fertilizer that can end up polluting our streams and water ways – our liquid application allows us to put the product on the lawn where it is efficiently taken up by the plant.

If your lawn was seeded this fall – you may be seeing some broadleaf weeds like wild garlic, chickweed, etc.  We are carefully evaluating the maturity of your new seed before any weed control is applied.  We find that some lawns, especially those that seeded late will need an extra month this spring of growth before they can safely be sprayed for weeds.

Clover's BlogGrowinGreen stands behind everything we do, if you have any questions or concerns between visits – we will gladly come back and take care of your concerns.

We want to inspire you to love your lawn again.