Mushrooms in the lawn can give homeowners fits. While it’s natural to be concerned, these growths look more alarming than they really are. The fungi that produce mushrooms do not cause lawn disease.

Mushroon-in-the-lawnMushrooms are the flower of a well-established fungus with a job to breakdown decaying organic material. Your lawn has plenty of material to feed mushrooms – such as, fallen leaves, twigs, old grass clippings, animal waste, old stumps, dead or dying tree roots, and old mulch.

Add to the material above – the environment. Mushrooms like a damp, shaded and organic waste rich environment. Do you have a drainage problem, are areas of your lawn shady?

To eliminate mushrooms in the lawn, you need to correct the problems.

• Can you reduce the moisture? If you irrigate, consider reducing the frequency.
• Dethatch your lawn or rake old grass clippings.
• Replace old mulch to reduce the available decaying organic material.
• Prune or thinning of surrounding trees can help provide more light.

While mushrooms may look unsightly, they are actually beneficial to the lawn. The extensive root system of lawn mushrooms help the soil retain water and their recycling of organic material adds nutrients to the lawn.

Once you have answered the question of why are mushrooms growing on my lawn, you can make the decision as to whether or not to eliminate mushrooms in lawn.

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