In celebration of National Lawn Care Month, let’s review what lawns do for us. More specifically, the role of grass. Along with trees and other plants, grass supports and enhances our environment.

Here are a few of the good things that healthy grassy lawns do for us, according to the Lawn Institute:

Lawns Do That?

  • A 50’x 50′ lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.
  • Pollutants, like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, are absorbed by turf making the air fit to breathe.
  • Dust and smoke particles are trapped by turf which keep the air cleaner.
  • Groundwater is enhanced by a dense turf. Grass increases infiltration of water and cleans it as it passes which recharges the underground water supplies used by all of us.
  • Run-off of water and pollutants are greatly reduced by a maintained lawn. Dense turf acts as a natural filter that cleans the water; helping to maintain our environment.
  • Road and airfield safety is enhanced by turfgrass stabilization of the soil that reduces rain run-off which can cause flooding.
  • Turf diminishes soil erosion which can muddy road surfaces and it absorbs dust improving driver visibility.
  • Buffer areas of healthy lawn grass serve as a fire retardant around homes and buildings.

Each plant is small and yet it contributes so much to our well-being.  This is why we love grass!

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To learn more visit – This site has a wealth of trusted information for the homeowner from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.