As we approach the spring I will be taking the opportunity to introduce some of our great team members here at GrowinGreen Lawn Care. Tommy Cowett has been with GrowinGreen for a little over two years and is a vital piece to the success of our company, especially how healthy our North Carolina lawns are! Tommy’s main role consists of working with potential new customers in the Winston-Salem and Kernersville area to “inspire them to love their lawn”! Tommy also works with our be athletic field team and commercial managers to provide them with support for their customers.

Tommy Cowett

Now, you may be asking what the heck an agronomist is? Well, the easy answer is a plant scientist. Even though Tommy has only been working with GrowinGreen for a few years, he and I have been working together since 1991. Tommy received a Masters degree in Agronomy, specializing in Turfgrass from NC State and I had the pleasure of being one of his student’s as well as help him with his research. After working for several National Companies and running his own landscape business, we were able to lure him to come help us create our own in house research program to help GrowinGreen stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our customers and the environment are already seeing the benefit of Tommy’s work with our biologically based program reducing our pesticide usage and making our lawns more sustainable.

Tommy has a vast knowledge of all things green and I have asked Tommy to start sharing his videos with us. I included this one today to introduce you to his smiling face and share some of the work on a few of the local Greensboro athletic field’s we overseeded this fall. Until next time, Clover and I will be keeping it green!