Our video star Tommy Cowett provided this video on Athletic Field Repairs.





Tommy Cowett is on the lawn in Kernersville, NC at KSA Kernersville Soccer Association. This is the signature field, the GrowinGreen sponsored field, we maintain these fields at KSA.

What we’re doing today, here it is the middle of July and this is what happens to your soccer goals. Goalie is down here clubbing around in the mud all the time and he’s tearing it up.

Now we use this little sod cutter. And basically it’s a pretty simple operation – you cut it on, you got your measurements here about how deep we’re going and this baby is set on about an inch and a quarter, and you engage your blade so you’re on the bottom. Now I’m pretty much going to have no problem running this straight down the line. Remove that old sod. That’s about it – disengage and I can pull out.

It’s a nice cut and we’ll just remove all of this because it’s not well-rooted in. Especially since we just cut it out. We’ll lay new sod in these real rough areas and cut it in. So anything you see like this – a bare spot, we’ll be cutting those out in squares. We got really nice new sod.

This is really an excellent facility – it gets a lot of play. You see the white spots down there in the field; we’re actually top dressing, I show that to you in a minute.

Here it is all cut out in the goal area and we’re going to begin to sod. There’s Scott Reece operating the tractor – there’s all the debris, the old rugged sod we removed and he’ll be dumping that.  And here is the sand crew, the lovely Shannon and Ben Smith, our summer interns. They’re building character with a shovel.

The sod has arrived and we have begun to lay it as you can see. Ben butts it up, nice and tight. He rolls it out, works the seam a bit to make sure that it’s nice and tight. Shannon comes along and lays another piece. And we will just continue to lay this sod. This is some very good quality sod. This will be a good comfortable goal for the goalie who be at this end.

Throw the water to it. It’s a beautiful thing.

This what the sand brigade has been doing working some low spots with a lot of Bermuda underneath.

This is how the sod is completed. Those were dead areas – the sod was laid-in, we used  sand to fill-in the seams, water and, that’s how it’s done.

Thanks Tommy!