Labor Day is upon us and the kids are back in school – time to see how the lawn survived the summer. As you inspect the damage, you may have paths or trails from animal and normal human foot traffic. Who knows, perhaps the shortest distance to the front door is right through your yard.

Most of our lawns have a cool season grass called Tall Fescue. The good thing about Tall Fescue is it’s the most drought tolerant cool season grass and will generally survive most summers. The downfall of Tall Fescue is it’s a bunch type grass which basically means it doesn’t have the ability to fill-in its damaged areas and needs to be reseeded to replenish thin, bare and weakened areas. Diseases such as brown patch have added to the traditional attrition from heat stress, traffic, weed infestations and so forth for an annual loss of about 10-15%.

Reseeding your lawn in the fall is a crucial part of any good turf management plan. It can also do more harm than good, cost money for nothing, and cause your lawn a slow death if not done properly. Here’s a video our General Manager, Scott Reece, made while training our field managers last season.

We hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about fall seeding – please give us a call at 336-854-7999.

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