We are proud to announce that GrowinGreen has two feature articles in the September edition of Landscape Management magazine. The following story speaks to our continual efforts to improve our efficiency and thus, our service to our clients.

Efficiency Tip: All In One  

By LM Staff, Landscape Management Magazine 

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To maximize the efficiency of each lawn care technician, Jonathan Rigsbee, president and CEO of GrowinGreen in Kernersville, N.C., reconfigured his trucks to offer 
multiple treatments. Each new truck is designed to carry five different mixes, 
as well as a granular product, to treat 
lawns, trees, shrubs and pests.

Rigsbee said it took some additional 
training to ensure each technician could properly perform each service, but the effort has paid off. Through this redesign, the average GrowinGreen technician went from producing $150,000 to $175,000 per truck annually to $225,000 to $250,000 per truck per year.

“Now instead of just doing a lawn care application, they can also spray trees and shrubs and perform pest control all in one stop, because they have the capacity and the mixes,” Rigsbee said. “It has allowed our guys to be much more efficient, and we can offer more bundling programs for our customers.”

We hope you enjoyed this article – to read it from the magazine’s site visit http://landscapemanagement.net/efficiency-tip-all-in-one/.

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