Winter finally arrived in the Piedmont Triad, leaving our lawns covered in a blanket of snow, sleet and a little freezing rain. The effects of snow on your lawn are usually not a problem. However as that snow thaws, a fungal disease called Snow Mold can occur. This will happen in dense areas of snow – for example, where you’ve shoveled a path and piled the snow on your lawn or, perhaps the kids built a snowman. Make no mistake – Snow Mold can kill grass. The damage typically appears in circles 3-12 inches in diameter and will be of either the pink or gray variety. Pink being the more severe.

What about frosty grass? Like snow, frost on the lawn is not a problem. However, when you walk on it – damage does occur. The frozen grass leaves fracture and the resulting footprints in the lawn stay for quite awhile.

As you clear the driveway and the kids play today, keep these points in mind and protect your lawn from damage. If you think you may have snow mold – please contact us for assistance. Our mission at GrowinGreen is to “Inspire you to love your lawn again”.

Stay safe!