Dear Rosemary,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, Lichen are usually a sign of a plant in poor health. Without seeing the plant it’s hard to say what is causing the decline. However, Crepe Myrtles are very resilient and respond well to proper pruning. This not only helps the plant wake up, but also Crepe Myrtles bloom on new growth. I would highly suggest a good rejuvenation pruning this winter and a well-balanced plant food in the spring.  If you will send me a picture of the plant – I may be able to provide more information that will help you save this tree.


The TurfCommander


Name: Rosemary R.

Question for the Commander:  My crepe myrtle has been losing leaves all spring and continued all summer- also fewer blooms this year- there is a lichen growing on some of the branches. What can I do to save this once luscious and beautiful tree?