Dear Karin:

Yes, we do both small and large tree applications.

How tall are they?

I will suggest that once the webs are formed they are hard to break.  They will not damage the trees even though they are unsightly. The tree has essentially made its food for the winter, so don’t panic that you could lose them. We will be glad to come look at them for you and let you now the best approach to manage them.

If you will send me information,  we will contact you to set up a free evaluation.


The TurfCommander


Name: Karin H.

Question for the Commander: I see you specialize in lawn – but I was wondering whether you could assist with webworm infestations in my trees as well? Our trees are tall! My dilemma with the webs are the worms dropping onto our entertainment area, means we do not utilize the area when the webworms are around! Not major but surely inconvenient:-)