Dear Misty,

Thank you for writing! It really depends on what your expectations are for mowing, appearance, color etc. If you are hoping it will be part of your lawn and you will be maintaining it as such,  I would recommend a  mixture of Tall Fescue / Bluegrass.  The Tall Fescue will come up a little faster, but the Bluegrass can overtime spread and provide a nice stabilization to prevent erosion. The key is to aerate or do something to create seed to soil contact. We generally will spread the seed first so as you’re aerating, it actually plants the seed and helps to prevent it from washing away. I would also use a light amount of straw in the soil is bare to help prevent washing. Once you have it planted it is important not to let it dry out. You can water each area based on your sprinkler about 20 minutes a day for a few week’s until you are seeing good growth. I hope this helps and please write back if you have any questions.


The TurfCommander

Name: Misty S.
Question for the Commander: What is the best grass to use for steep slope?