Lawn Care Services: Lawn Care

Every GrowinGreen program begins and is built around a soil test. Our proprietary blend of biologically enhanced products focus on a roots first approach. We believe in taking care of the soil and then the soil will take care of the grass. We have different programs for different grass types. When we walk your property to assess your needs – we identify the grass type and consult with you about what program will work best for your lawn type.

Warm Season Lawn Care Program

Warm Season grasses are slow to green-up in the spring, grow best in the summer and go dormant in the winter. At Growin-Green, we have a vast knowledge of warm season turf – especially, Bermuda and Zoysia which are becoming more popular for our customers in Burlington, Elon College and areas south of Greensboro (i.e., Lexington and Thomasville).

Our Warm Season Program calls for treatment Feb/March, May-August and October.Our lawn applications will include a combination of the following at the appropriate time to keep your lawn in great health – pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control, biologically-enhanced fertilizers, bio-stimulant, winterizing fertilizer, lime, phosphorus or other products may be applied to promote a healthy root system


Bermuda is aggressive & durable and handles traffic & drought well. Identifiable by its coarse texture and aggressive above ground roots (stolons); it thrives in summer heat but can become invasive if not properly maintained.

Advantages – Thrives in Heat, Drought & High Traffic Tolerant
Disadvantages – Golden Color in Winter State, Poor Cold Tolerance, Hard to Kill


Zoysia is the ‘Cadillac of Lawn Grass’ due to its dark green color, density, low growth habit and higher price. This grass cannot be neglected for long periods of time and needs sun. If maintained properly can be the envy of any neighborhood.

Advantages – High Wear, Heat & Drought Tolerance
Disadvantages – Golden Color in Winter State, Slow to Establish, Medium-High Maintenance, Expensive


Centipede is slow growing but aggressive. Doesn’t require frequent mowing. Surface runners are easily controlled around borders. Doesn’t enter a true winter dormancy and is severely injured by intermittent cold and warm periods.

Advantages – Low Maintenance, Shade & Drought Tolerance
Disadvantages – Low Cold Tolerance, Slow to Establish, Maintenance Required


Our balanced fertilization, enriched with bio-nutrients, feeds the turf and makes it healthier, greener and more capable of with-standing adverse conditions. These liquid and granular fertilizers are formulated for the soil conditions throughout the year.

Weed Control:

Effective broadleaf weed control depends on several factors: temperature, humidity and stage of growth. We attack the issue
early and continue treating all year long. Many types of weeds can be difficult to control and may require several treatments.


Pre-emergent and post-emergent are crucial for crabgrass control. This process must be started early in the growing season
before the spring germination occurs. Clean-up applications can be effective but must be done well in advance of seeding.

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