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GrowinGreen’s Tree and Shrub program calls for treatment approx. every 40 – 45 days.

Healthy Lawn Ornamentals Add Richness to Any Landscape

GrowinGreen’s Tree and Shrub Program is the perfect complement to our lawn program. Our experts study your landscaping and propose a specific plan to make each tree and shrub as beautiful and healthy as possible. We control pests and diseases, while simultaneously fertilizing plants to strengthen each of your ornamentals individually.

No more storing of messy and potentially dangerous pesticides. We will take the most environmentally responsible approach possible to yield excellent results. As with all of our treatment programs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are 7 applications in this yearly agenda which are synchronized with our lawn treatments. This preventative program is designed to protect against damage caused from many types of intrusive insects and fungal diseases.

Application 1

The early spring application provides deep root injections of well balanced fertilizer, chelated iron and micro-nutrients. This will help replenish the stored energy that was used to survive the winter.

Application 3

Insect and disease control continue as well as, miticide. Weather related soil-born diseases can fester while the temperatures are warming up for summer. We also watch for signs of Bagworm and Whiteflies.

Application 5

This early fall treatment will help clean-up late hatching insects and also provides another dose of disease control and miticide prior to the fall color change and leaf drop.

Application 7

We administer dormant oil – this helps to protect the plant’s moisture and prevents dehydration during the winter months. It will also smother any remaining insects, mites, and scale still active.

Application 2

The insect and disease control process begins. With the spring thaw well underway, sap-sucking insects such as Aphids and Lacebugs will start emerging. We will also apply miticide at this time.

Application 4

With the round 4 mix we include a Japanese Beetle control. These plant enemies will ingest the systematic insecticide when feeding on the treated plant. We also protect against fungal diseases like powdery mildew.

Application 6

This round is focused on late fall sucking and feeding insects such as scale. A crucial time of year as insect and mite populations can increase prior to winter.