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GrowinGreen is committed to protecting the environment. Our fully-licensed spray technicians are certified by the state and are trained in the proper safety procedures to follow.

We use only the newest and safest products and avoid application when we know it is going to rain. We never leave fertilizer where it can be washed into the storm water system.

We minimize the impact of chemicals on your lawn by utilizing a more longterm, soil-based approach.

Healthy lawns and turf:

  • Have a dramatic cooling effect on the environment
  • Absorb rainfall effectively and prevent runoff and erosion of precious top soil
  • Trap much of the estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released into the US atmosphere annually
  • Purify water entering into  underground aquifers–root mass  and soil microbes act as filters to capture and break down many types of pollutants
  • Increase real estate market value and salability
  • A Gallup Survey reported that 62% of all US homeowners felt that investing in lawns and landscaping was comparable to, or better than, pursuing other home improvements
  • The investment recovery rate is 100-200% for landscape improvement, compared to that of a deck or patio, which only yields a recovery of 40-70% of installation cost
  • Add 15% to a home’s value, according to buyers
  • Make playing fields safer for athletes of all ages.