Bed Pre-emergent

Bed Pre-em - Main Image

Our Bed Pre-emergent Program protects your plant and flower beds from various weeds and grasses throughout the year. This preventative program consists of 4 quarterly applications, creating a strong barrier against unwelcomed intruders.

Pre-emergent does not control existing weeds, it is designed to defend and protect the area, stopping weeds before they start. Although pre-emergent will not eliminate all weeds, it significantly helps reduce the labor needed to rid the beds of breakthrough weeds.

Even a newly created plant bed will eventually fall victim to the invasion of weeds; which can rob the intended occupants (your trees, flowers, and shrubs) of the essentials they need to flourish. Applying pre-emergent will reduce the competition for the nutrients offered by the soil, rain and sun.

Timing is critical for pre-emergent to be effective. It requires knowledge of the weed’s life cycles, methods of reproduction and their vulnerability to different control strategies. Our program was developed to provide protection from both summer and winter weeds.

Application 1 & 2 Summer Annuals

These weeds begin their germination in spring and continue throughout the summer months. Common species include grasses like Crabgrass and Goosegrass and broadleaf varieties such as Lespedeza.

Application 3 & 4 Winter Annuals

These weeds take root during late summer and fall and usually die off with the onset of warm weather in the spring. Familiar to our region are Chickweed, Hairy Bittercress and Poa Annua.

Bed Pre-em - 2nd Image Proverb

The proverb “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is very true. However, when a cure is needed, GrowinGreen is qualified to offer solutions to any existing weed problem as well.